Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Thanks, DC Blogs!

I got a mention on DC Blogs today. Coolness!

Thanks to KOB, the DC Blogmeister, for the very kind shout-out. Between DC Blogs and a link to to the dog condom entry over on the blog of the fascinating Lucky Spinster, my traffic is getting a modest, temporary bump.

Of course, Stat Counter shows that most of those folks stay on my page for zero seconds and then run screaming for the hills...

or die of boredom...


Anonymous said...

Well, for every hit you get that last zero seconds, you have me... I think I spend as much time here as you do - if not more - and well, that is pathetic, no? LOL!

Thank you for the two new links! I look forward to investigating them.


*This synchronized posting thing we have going on is just "odd" :)

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about writing for Metroblogging DC? Same people who created (Shane's on it)

Check it out:

I *think* DC's link is

I write for Seattle's

Oh, and you can write under a pen name. I won't say who, but at least 2 people on Seattle's list are not listed by their real names.

Merujo said...

SJL - enjoy the links! Good stuff to be found there. :-)

And, Naiah - thanks for the recommendation - I think I'll do some perusing tonight! And thanks, too, for blogrolling me! Coolness!

And LS - you're most welcome for the linkage - and oh yeah, stats are terribly, terribly addictive. I love seeing how people find me and just where they're from. It's a real kick. (Today, I've had 20+ hits courtesy of you!)