Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Happy Birthday, MEB!!!

A birthday wish to my friend of 30+ years (eeek!) a couple of hours early, as I'm headed to bed before midnight EST (going cold turkey off the Dark Tower books for a night or two, god help me - I'm gonna get the DT DTs -hahahahahahaha!!)

It's pretty damn cool to still be hangin' (even if it's via the wonders of Ma Bell and the Internet) with your best bud from grade school 30 years down the pike. MEB introduced me to the music of Thomas Dolby, probably did as much as my mother and my brother to form my taste in leisuretime reading, and we even ended up working at desks next to each other at the American Embassy in Russia. Now, that's Pretty Freakin' Amazing. (Man, sometimes I really miss Sunday nights in Moscow, playing cards with MEB, her future husband, and the Krup-chitsa, eating mushroom soup and listening to They Might Be Giants. Oh, and I so miss the cheap champagne. Oooohweee doggies, yeah!)

So, without any further ado...

Happy birthday MEB!
Happy birthday MEB!
Happy birthday, happy birthday,
Happy birthday MEB!

Have a slice and a nice cold cider for me, okay?

With much love, a big hug, and every good wish for a mahvelous birthday!!!

- MJ

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