Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kolchak is Back!!

Omigod! ABC is bringing back The Night Stalker! Yeah, baby! Kolchak is back! Of course, it simply won't be the same without Darren McGavin, circa 1972, in that awful white suit, but a girl can hope.

For the uninitiated, Kolchak: The Night Stalker was a totally cheesy show about a Chicago investigative journalist who uncovered - and usually dispatched - vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night. It only lasted a season, but everyone at my house was hooked.

Kolchak holds back evil in the Windy City

Hey, ABC - don't F this up, mmm'kay? Buffy and Angel are gone. We need some hot 'n' funky Weekly World News action to take up the slack!! (And Charmed, in it's downward quality spiral on the Dubba Dubba Dubya Beeee, ain't cuttin' it these days - my kingdom for a continuity writer!!)


Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me what you go nostalgic on... Several of your post recently have brought back memories of my youth... BUT then, I am OLDER than you.

YOU AREN'T OLD ENOUGH TO REMEMBER THIS STUFF! :) LOL! You must have been one of those amazing, ever-assimilating, genius babies.


PS: Kolchak was VERY scary stuff in my day.

Merujo said...

I turned 8 the fall season that Kolchak was on. My mom was cool - she watched Night Gallery and Kolchak and all that good stuff with me. My first tv memories are: Walter Cronkite, Kermit the Frog, Captain Kangaroo, and black and white reruns of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (which is pretty f-ed up viewing for a toddler!)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... "Night Gallery" - remember the episode of the doll from Africa? You know the one... her creeping down the stairs with her pearly white teeth? Trauma... lasting trauma there. Yeah, my Mom had a weakness for that stuff too...

Do you remember the Moon Walk at all? That is one my favorite black & white memories... I remember putting my hands on the TV - thinking that it was almost like touching the moon.

Remember, when shows like "Green Acres" would say at the beginning of the show: "Now, in living color"? That really messed with my mind, since we only had a black & white TV...

Oh course, another LASTING memory is the hours and hours of "Watergate Investigation". That was cruel and unusual punishment for a kid.