Thursday, May 19, 2005


I'm discovering my skills and experience are nearly useless in the job market, and my age and appearance cannot be helping me at job interviews. I had a shot at an 8-day temporary job, but then found out this morning they wanted to pay me pennies to work as the helper monkey to the sister of one of the women who escorted me off the premises of my last job.

I really did think I'd be more successful at this stage of my life. But, it kinda looks like I'm a miserable failure instead. Living off credit, unemployed and, apparently, unemployable.

Writing blog entries does not count for professional experience anywhere. Unless you're a witty politico. Which I'm not.

This is really, really depressing. And I'm really, really scared. And I really, really don't want to have to move back to Illinois and live on my sister's chicken farm.

This sucks.

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Anonymous said...

Even though you are a stranger to me, you would be surprised how your latest "assessment" of yourself, your talents and your future has upset me.

I see in you a great deal of creativity, wit and innate intelligence. Somehow, I cannot attach the word "useless" to you. There are certainly a lot of things out there in this world that are worthy of that adjective, but you are not.

I know how hard it is to see other less qualified, less gifted people sail through life blissfully. Perhaps their "herd mentality" is their strongest asset and it allows them to fall into line nicely.

It is a cold hard fact that the majority of jobs do not go to the most qualified or the most deserving. Often times, it is just the downright nasty that have the greatest success.

I have pondered the inequity of it all for many years, but it is especially hard when I see someone being personally touched by this distasteful reality.

I am a person of hope... it is what keeps me alive and breathing. So let me extend to you hope... I believe there is a job out there for you, so I beg that you not abandon the search.

It only takes one like minded person to see the potential in you. Some of my best jobs were had simply by my initial conversation with the employer, not my resume.

There is someone out there that will see a bit of themselves in you, a kindred spirit, and will want you aboard. Believe it. Embrace it.

I am so very sorry that this is happening to you, and although it offers no real or lasting solution, let me offer you a big virtual (((HUG))).

You are a beautiful and worthy individual... I will be wishing great things for you.

Sincerely, SJL