Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day with Nurse Rachet

My sister, Nurse Rachet, lives about a half-hour from our home town in Illinois. Today, she met up with my sister, Social Worker, and my brother, EdGeo, to lay flowers at graves of our parents at the National Cemetery on the grounds of the Rock Island Arsenal. Nurse Rachet's daughters have the unfortunate "luck" at an early age to have both sets of grandparents buried there, just across the entry drive from each other. (Nurse Rachet's father-in-law died just one week after our father died, in the same hospital. The same bewildered parish priest - a newcomer to our town - was really kinda freaked out to see the same people troop in again for another funeral...)

Old school Midwestern Memorial Day

Today, Nurse Rachet's eldest daughter brought her horn to the cemetery to play for her grandparents. Her musical tribute was apparently much appreciated by some older folks who came through to pay their respects to lost loved ones, too.

A song for our veterans...

I wish I could have been there. It's calming to visit. Hard to believe it will be 19 years, this coming week (your birthday, Sasquatch - sorry) since my father died. Already four since Mom moved on.

The girls, Nurse Rachet, and our parents...

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