Tuesday, May 31, 2005

k.d. lang and music for a melancholy evening

Last night, while on a hunting and gathering expedition with the Sasquatch (aka Memorial Day dinner at Chevy's), we stopped by Circuit City. They were having one of those $9.99 cd sales, which would be really dangerous in a store with a wider selection than they have. ("Thank god," says my wafer thin checking account balance...) I did pick up a cd, though - k.d. lang's newest, "Hymns of the 49th Parallel".

It's really beautiful. The cd is a collection of covers of low-key songs by some really brilliant songwriters, each track blessed with that wonderfully aching, lush and velvety voice. k.d. lang is another person, like Elvis Costello, who could sing the contents of a phonebook and still make me cry. The Sasquatch and I heard her at Wolftrap a few summers back. God, it was good. We felt profoundly straight that evening, sitting out on a hillside surrounded by a gazillion smiling lesbians, enjoying what k.d. herself calls "Lesbian Beatlemania". Heh. All I know is, by the end of the gig, the Sasquatch and I were very musically happy - and very, very confident in our own heterosexuality.

k.d. lang

So, here I am, listening to k.d. lang sing Joni Mitchell's "Jericho" and feeling like I'm drifting away on a velvet dream. So wistful. So beautiful. As stupid as it sounds, I'm still in this melancholy mood after finishing the last of The Dark Tower books. 4,000+ pages and at least seven or eight major tearjerker moments (at least for me) later, I'm feeling a little sad to be done. But it sure was good to have something to take my mind off my current predicament. (I'm ready, gunslinger, if you need a hand this next time 'round.)

Wake up, kiddo. It's time to get with the program. It's just Tuesday night, with k.d. lang keeping me company, back at the computer as I go groveling for work.

Please, god, let me find a job soon. Please?

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