Monday, June 20, 2005

Expanding the job search...

I'm so desperate, I've reached the point of applying for jobs for which I'm not particularly well-qualified. Okay. Not at all qualified, actually. It's a matter of taking "fudging it" to a whole new level. I've been looking into temp agencies and discovering that they're not really all that thrilled by the possibility of an overqualified, almost-40-year-old to send out to clients. They haven't even seen me yet. The fat thing will simply send them over the moon.


Sometimes, I think that just driving to the shore and sitting in the sun until I melt into the sand is a better option than fruitlessly begging for work. Sometimes, I really do.

On a totally different topic, why is it so difficult for people at drive-thrus to actually give you a goddamn diet soda when you order one? If I say "diet root beer", I'm not saying it just to be amusing. I want the goddamn diet root beer.

Sorry. Feeling a little non sequitur (and cranky) today.

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