Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wang Clunk

Reflections on tonight's musical trainwreck on NBC, Smack Me Hard Repeatedly and Make Me Forget This Nightmare (aka, Hit Me Baby One More Time)...

Oh my. I love Wang Chung, but why did they have to cover that gawdawful Nelly song... ugh. That was just wrong. Mr. Wang (or Chung) - you are better than that! You should not be stuck sing-talking "Uhn... It's gettin' hot in here (so hot)... So take off all your clothes..." Christ, that was just so wrong.

And Sophie B. Hawkins - what did you do to Five For Fighting's "100 Years"? It was unrecognizable. In a bad way. ((((shudder)))

On the other hand, Howard Jones was really, really good. I think he was too low key to win, considering that the combined IQ of the audience was probably 5. Irene Cara took the victory - and I think that was thanks to costuming and the fact that she went last. She was really shaky trying to stay in tune. Again, for my money, HoJo was the best out there.

Although, I give Cameo credit - they came out lookin' funky, and the lead singer (Word up!) was even wearing his big red leather codpiece. That takes guts when you're pushin' 50.

May we all be confident enough to wear a big red leather codpiece when we're pushin' 50.


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