Thursday, June 30, 2005

Xenu and the Incident

A few folks have dropped by here via a link from a comment I left on Rosie's blog re: Tom Cruise. For their benefit - and yours, I offer you two links:

1. Wikipedia entry on "Xenu" - the big baddie of Scientology. You know how Cruise has been talking to German media outlets about believing in aliens? Here you go.

2. Operation Clambake - a clearinghouse for information on Scientology as a cult.



Anonymous said...

You are a daring little devil, posting on Rosie's site about Tom...

Will there be a dual at dawn?


Merujo said...

Yeah, I may have just made Rosie's list of "Not So Cool People", but I really am repulsed by Cruise's attack on Brooke Shields and dissing all use of meds for mental health. I have some folks I'd like him to meet...

I'd also like him to get a medical degree before he decides to tell the world he knows "everything" about psychiatry... He'd have to graduate from high school first, or get a GED, but I'm sure he's got time...

Anonymous said...

The interview that Tom Cruise gave to Matt Lauer continues to be replayed over and over again on TV.

Boy, does Tom need be humbled or what???

Is it a bit wicked that I am now wishing that Tom, at some point, will experience a "profound and debilitating case of major depression"?

Frankly, I find him clueless and irritating. Those that speak from ignorance, always speak the loudest!

Consequently, I am not going to go see his newest movie. Why should I? It's nothing but a bunch of "pseudoscience", no?