Thursday, June 02, 2005

Shameful bigotry in our nation's capital

Meet David Schroer. Recently, David applied for a job with the Library of Congress as a terrorism research analyst. How could David not be the perfect person for the job? An impressive resume showed decades of military service and anti-terrorist work as a high-level Army Ranger with direct ties to the current administration. Impeccable resume with impeccable references. Yep. David was the perfect person for the job. An offer was made. A start date set. David was introduced to his new co-workers. And then, David took his supervisor-presumptive out to lunch and told her something that apparently shook her to the core: David was transgendered and would be taking the job under the name Diane.

The job offer was rescinded the next day.

I'm disgusted. It's not as if I wasn't already disgusted with the federal workplace after my recent round with supervisory negligence and ethical bankruptcy at a major federal agency. But this is foul. Read more about Diane Schroer's story here. As someone who faces bigotry based upon my appearance, I can appreciate what she is going through. Reading this article made me very angry, indeed.

As the Sasquatch said to me a few minutes ago, it takes balls (all jokes aside) to go public with this story. And Diane Schroer has got a brass set, I tell ya. I hope the Library of Congress - and this supervisor specifically - gets a major league smackdown for this. Your cowardice, bigotry, and ignorance is all shameful.

Diane - I hope you find one hell of a job. And, not to go all G. Gordon Liddy on you, but thank you for your service to our country.

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