Saturday, June 04, 2005

Good Karma for a Friend

A word of heartfelt thanks...

Sometimes, life feels like you're trying to climb a mile-high pile of mud in near darkness. And then, out of the blue, someone comes along and does something that makes that mudpile seem a whole lot shorter (and less slippery) and the sky a bit brighter. That happened to me today. A friend did something lovely and unexpected and very touching, and I'm really, truly grateful. It was a bright spot in a dark time. And so, to my friend the Alasko-American, may I just say, you'll be paid back in spades, chiquita. Good karma is headed your way by the bucketload. Lots and lots of good karma. And a homecooked vegetarian meal.

You rock.

Theoretically, this says "Thank you", but with my luck, it probably reads, "Go spank a wax tadpole, imperialist American weenie!" But the thought's the same. Thanks mucho.

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