Saturday, June 25, 2005

Herding words

Today, I'm re-arranging words I put together for a project. It's more challenging that pulling awful pictures of Britney Spears off Google images and making smartass comments about sheepish ringtones.

I think I suck at this. I think my efforts are stymied by the crappy silicone keyboard I bought yesterday and the fact that the coffee shop is currently playing some awful 20 minute dance track based on the theme to The Price is Right. The keyboard is going back to CompUSA tomorrow. The music I can't do jack shit about. Ugh.

I also think I'm rationalizing my inability to be even vaguely amusing today. Maybe it's the weather. A lot of people I know seem to be cranky or out of sorts or just unhappy with the planet this weekend.

Crap tapping away.

I know I can write better than this. Why is it so hard right now? Grrr.

To all my friends who have had a crappy weekend for one reason or another - things will improve, eventually. Big virtual hug, all 'round.


suze said...

it's been a craptastic weekend all round i guess. cyber hugs back at ya.

- suze

Merujo said...

Amen to that. Never thought I'd say "Let's hear it for Monday", but it has to get better...