Monday, June 06, 2005

Liked and not liked...

I went to the Technorati site out of some dumb self-centered interest to see if anyone had links to my blog. Not surprisingly, I have links with the Sasquatch and the Atomic Editor. Depending on how you do the search (Merujo vs. Church of the Big Sky, for example), there are a couple of other links. And that's it. Except for this:
  1. Church Of The Big Sky

    35 days ago

    The Church Of The Big Sky has got to be one of the most interesting - yet boring pieces of writing

    Miss Peg Get Conversations 0 links
Arrrg! And that's it. Apparently, Miss Peg is a user on some MSN blog site. But, according to MSN, either Miss Peg is AWOL or access to her page is restricted. I just want to know what's interesting and what's boring from her perspective. (I know what's boring and mundane from my perspective - and that would be most of what I write. I just spoke to the Sasquatch about that very thing this evening.) But, I have to admit some curiosity.

So, Miss Peg, if you're still out there, can you send me a link to your page? Inquiring minds want to know what sucks and what doesn't.

And regardless, thanks for stopping by! I'll try to suck less. That is my aim.


Anonymous said...

I am feeling a powerful hate for Miss Peg. Irrational? Yes, but there it is.


Merujo said...

I have to admit, I first went, "Awwww, bummer" when I read her comment. Then I thought, "Oh wait. Seriously, I was just saying that most of my stuff sucks. Why am I complaining?!?" ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your stuff DOESN'T SUCK!

At least you actually write... the majority of bloggers and livejournal users post endless memes and fan fiction... brain numbing stuff. When I click on your site I know I will always find something here that I will resonate with. You have readability... Miss Peg was intimidated.


Merujo said...

Don't be embarrassed! :-)

What you saw me quote from technorati was the whole extent of the information provided, so it left me wondering! I don't mind at all if anyone finds stuff boring - I just like knowing why, so I can work on being less boring.

Actually, I'm astounded that there's someone who's 18 who finds any of my pratter worth reading. :-) So, I thank you for being out here!

It's interesting, isn't it, that even restricted stuff shows up on that technorati site, huh? So much for "restricted"!!!