Monday, June 13, 2005

MJ on MJ

Sorry. I'm going to rant about Michael Jackson for minute. Big Jackson fan? You might want to skip this.

Did he do it? Did he molest that kid?

Well, the world will never know for sure. According to Santa Barbara County, he's clean, and we have to respect the legal system. (I will refrain from making any "California justice/OJ Simpson" comments...) If Jackson did molest this kid, the fact that the kid's mother likes to scam stores and celebrities for cash certainly didn't help him in the credibility department.

If Jackson didn't molest this child - or any of the others - this fact still remains: he is a disturbed adult. Normal adults - at least in our culture - don't want to curl up in bed with other people's kids, plain and simple. Normal adults recognize that as unacceptable behavior open to lewd interpretation. I'm not even going to get into the body dysmorphic disorder or the housecleaning chimps or the marching band costumes. There's no point. He's got a whole pile of loose wires.

He was a talented musician at one point. I will always love the Jackson 5 (I watched the cartoon religiously as a kid), and I have a couple of his cds, back from when he was still recognizably African-American and had a nose. He was good. But I have nothing from recent years. Bupkis. I'm filled with a sense of unease and distaste for him now.

The masks, the chimp, the kids, the surgeries. Lisa Marie Presley. (WTF was that all about?!?)

A grown man with common sense and even half a brain would avoid questionable physical contact - especially of the bed-sharing variety - with strangers' children. I don't care how much you looooove the children of the world. STOP SLEEPING WITH THEM. I refuse to believe that Neverland Ranch was built without guest bedrooms. You need to have someone in your bed, MJ? Call an escort. I'd bet California has more than one discreet service that could provide "legal, but petite" company for you. And, as long as you pay them, they'll pretend to be twelve, put on whatever "guest Underoos" you want and snuggle all night while you drink cocoa and read Little Golden Books. Knock yerself out, bubba.

It's not just Michael Jackson, though. I'm angry with the starstruck, money-hungry parents that allow their children to go, unchaperoned, into this man's playhouse and sleep in his bed. It's NOT CUTE. It's NOT BEAUTIFUL. It's fucked up. And shame on you for using your children that way! If your child is sick, turn to Make A Wish or one of hundreds of other resources available to you. DO NOT approach a man who's been accused of child molestation multiple times. Some of these parents should have their credentials revoked, dammit.

I find it tremendously creepy that he hired a broodmare to produce children for him. I think it's creepy that this woman agreed to produce offspring for him. She must have had one hell of a payday. If he and Debbie Rowe felt an abiding love between them when they conceived the kidlets in question, I will eat one or more of my hats. I'm not buying it. And if you believe those kids were conceived the old-fashioned boot-knockin' way, you are living in your own fantasy world. Pity those children, tragically dragged around with masks and scarves over their faces. These kids will need decades of therapy to recover from their fucked up homelife with a fucked up daddy. I hope he's not doing anything weird with these kids he bought. Dear God, I really hope not.

Yeah, I know he didn't have a real childhood. That's tragic. His parents - especially his scary-ass father - have a lot to answer for. But you're in your 40's now, Mr. Jackson. It's no longer amusing. Maybe you can keep some of these people dazzled with your BS, but you have issues, buddy. You have serious issues. After you've been accused of touching a little boy the first time, you stop creating situations that scream CHILD MOLESTER!!! C'mon, man! Get a fucking clue! (His inability to stop behaviors, despite their detriment to him, speaks volumes of a pathology that isn't pretty. Not pretty at all.)

Did he do it? Yes. No. Maybe. I can't tell you for sure. I know what my gut tells me, but I'll keep that to myself. Regardless, I think it might be a good idea for MJ to pull up stakes and move out of country. Didn't Brando leave him part of his island? Go, Mikey. And, for the love of God, please see a shrink. You need one. Bad.


Done ranting. A jury has found him not guilty on all charges. I hope he has a clear conscience and the common sense to knock it off and retire somewhere very, very quiet. And kid-free.


Anonymous said...

You are much more diplomatic than I about this travesty of justice. Yeah, I am pretty pissed - so let me be frank:

I do not accept the "NOT GUILTY VERDICT" - I do not accept the "JURY" - I do not accept the "INNOCENCE" of Michael Jackson.

I knew the jury would let me down and I said so all during deliberation - so, I am not surprised, but saddened?



I am so glad - insert sarcasm - that the jury could look past Michael Jackson's celebritism and view him as an individual - how sweet - it would have been nice if they could have looked past the Accuser's Mother and seen the VICTIM as an individual. Guess that wasn't even a consideration.

I think that EVERY member of that jury should have to LOOK at that child and say to HIS FACE:


In my books, the jury will be equally responsible - along with Michael Jackson the NEXT time this happens... AND THIS WILL HAPPEN AGAIN.

I know more than my share of child molesters, I deal with them on a regular basis... the one's that ARE in treatment. THEY are at least paying for their crime and some are paying for a crime that didn't happen... you can bet they are quite content that life is FAIR all across the nation.... NOT!

I wish nothing but the most unpleasant life for Michael Jackson, he is a clownish, arrogant and perverted man...

I am embarrassed to live in this country tonight.


Sasquatch said...

Really, I don't think you can fault the jury completely. (You can, I suppose, but I think that would be misplaced. You might want to think about heavily faulting the prosecution, though.) Juries are instructed by the judge to render a verdict based on the case presented by the prosecution. The prosecution, unfortunately, presented its case extremely poorly. I think they thought they had a slam dunk, when all they ended up with was an air ball. When they were deposing the accusing kid's mom, shouldn't they have gotten a slight clue that maybe—just maybe—she might not necessarily be an asset to the case once she hit the witness stand? Don't forget that she did try to use her kid to get some cash from Jay Leno, too. She was audibly coaching the kid when he and Leno spoke on the phone. Prostituting your own child in any form is textbook Not Cool.

I've been on a jury before, and although I really wanted to side for the family who was asking for +/- $275,000 for their fire-destroyed home, I ended up siding with the insurance company, which presented a more compelling case. I couldn't decide based on my gut—I had to decide based on the case in front of me. Virtually everyone on the jury felt bad for the family, but we ended up concluding that, based on the facts of the case, the insurance company should not be compelled to pay for the damage to the house.

I felt terrible about the verdict we rendered. I couldn't even make eye contact with the family when we came back into the courtroom. I really thought we did the right thing legally but the wrong thing morally. However, the case wasn't about morals, it was about the law and a contract signed by the insurer and the insured. The insured broke the contract when a drunk and deeply disturbed resident of the house set an intentional fire, so there was no compelling obligation on the part of the insurance company to pay up. Although this happened over three years ago, I still think about the family every so often, and wonder what ended up happening to them. Hopefully they ended up on their feet.

As for the child molestation angle, I'm not really qualified to comment on that with any sort of authority. Suffice to say that MJ is one greatly disturbed individual in need of serious counseling and a considerable amount of state-sponsored isolation... The parents who should have been aware of his previous settlements for the same accusations are also to be taken to task for allowing their precious youngsters to sleep over at Neverland. Morons. Pathetic morons.

Just my $.02, for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

So basically kids with awful parents, that also happen to get molested, suffer a "double whammie" of injustice... if you are going to get molested pick your parents carefully.

Laws before morals... ya gotta love it.