Sunday, June 19, 2005

MJ goes to Q&A with MP

Michael Penn, that is. I love this man's music. He's a tremendous (and tremendously underrated) musician, and, as I've said before, y'all should go buy one - or more - of his CDs. I'll even make recommendations for you!

Tonight, MP is on the bill for Mountain Stage, a venerable, twenty-year musical event. Mountain Stage is two-hour public radio music show, usually performed/taped on a stage in West Virginia, bringing together a wide variety of outstanding music and musicians. Tonight, though, Mountain Stage is taping its 600th show in Bethesda, Maryland, at the brand spankin' new Strathmore Music Center. (It's very nice - the Sasquatch took me to hear the Mingus Big Band there - it still had that "new concert hall" smell.)

This is Michael Penn. Go buy his music, please. You will not regret it.

While I'd normally be planted in a seat for this gig, I can't afford it right now. Hmmm... rent, groceries, or concert??? However, Mountain Stage is holding a number of workshops and seminars this afternoon, in advance of the concert. If you have a ticket to the gig, it's free, but if you're not going to the gig, it's $5 to attend the workshops. One is a Q&A with Larry Groce, the Host of Mountain Stage, Eric Brace of Last Train Home (very good stuff -heard them on the radio on Friday), and the mighty talented Michael Penn. So, I'm layin' down five bucks and hopefully will have some decent questions to toss to the man. Just in case he's available (and indulgent) I'm taking a CD for him to sign, along with my digital camera, if I can remember where I set it down on Friday...

Looking forward to this...

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